Range of Values for Census Tract Socioeconomic Indicators Among the 1015 Colorado Census Tracts Used in the Analysis

Socioeconomic IndicatorRange of Values Across Census TractsMedianIQRCategorization/ Transformation*
Live in urbanized area, %0.0–100.010013.0Ln(1 + value)
Family income, census median$7852–$200 001$52 972$29 416Quartiles
Child poverty, %0.0–78.58.513.5Ln(1 + value)
College attainment, %0.0–46.819.618.0Continuous
Single motherhood, %0.0–
Race/ethnicity, %
    Hispanic children0.0–92.315.023.1Quartiles
    White children10.0–100.083.821.1Quartiles
Single-family housing, %0.0–
Household crowding, %§68.7–
  • * Categorization into quartiles or the ln(1 + value) transformation was used before analyses unless the data were normally distributed.

  • Percentage of the population <18 years old living below poverty level.

  • Percentage of the population >25 years old with a college degree.

  • § Percentage of the households with ≤1 person per room.