Sample Descriptive Statistics (N = 1507)

VariableMean (SD) or %
Military characteristic
        Air Force19.8
        Coast Guard0.9
        National Guard14.8
    Pay grade
        E1–E4 (lower enlisted)6
        E5–E6 (midgrade enlisted)36.3
        E7–E9 (senior enlisted)30.2
Child and caregiver characteristics
    Child age12.8 (1.5)
    Child gender, % female46.6
    Child race/ethnicity
        Asian/Pacific Islander1.3
        Black/African American11.2
    Caregiver age38.4 (6.0)
    Caregiver gender, % female94.5
        Living in military housing23.2
        Owning home64.6
        Renting home12.2
    Caregiver employed (outside home)58
    Operation Purple camp acceptance, % accepted85.1
    Caregiver mental health status (scale 0–20, higher indicates worse)5.4 (3.4)
    Caregiver education, % with some college or more85.6
Deployment experience
    Current deployment, % yes38.3
    No. of deployments in last 3 y
    Months deployed in the last 3 y10.9 (8.9)