Immunization-Related Activities Recorded by Staff Members of Pediatric Practices in the Denver Metropolitan Area in 2007

Routine nursing activities (occur each time vaccination is given)
    Obtain parental consent
    Provide vaccine information to parent
    Review medical or registry record for vaccination history
    Complete vaccination log in chart
    Fill out patient's injection record
    Draw and give vaccine
Nonroutine activities (occur at times other than when vaccination is given)
    Order vaccine
    Inventory vaccine
    Provide vaccination records to requesters
    Answer telephone questions about vaccinations
    Receive vaccination-related continuing education
Billing activities
    Update information on patient's billing records
    Receive payment at time of service
    Obtain billing information for new patient
    Produce bill for insurer or patient
    Mail bills
    Post payments
    Make bill adjustments
Immunization registry activities
    Screen registry data to prepare for upcoming appointments
    Enter injections into registry database
    Enter history and demographic data
    Solve registry technical problems