Logistic Regression Final Model for All CSHCN: Likelihood of Receiving All Needed GCS

HBM ConstructPredictor Variable and ReferentaOdds Ratio95% CI
Cues to action, medical homePresent vs not present2.8b1.5–5.2
Perceived severity, rated severityMinor vs severe1.8c1.0–3.1
Modifying factors
    Household income≥400% vs <400% FPL1.8c1.0–3.1
    Insurance statusUninsured vs insured (any type)0.5c0.2–0.9
  • a Controlling for nonsignificant variables: presence of a genetic condition (ASD, DS, or MR versus other CSHCN), child's gender, child's age, child's race (white Non-Hispanic versus nonwhite), highest level of education of anyone in household, perceived severity (moderate versus severe).

  • b P < .01.

  • c P < .05.