Receipt of GCS According to Condition and HBM Model Constructs

Perceived Susceptibility
With ASD, DS, or MR, Received All GCS, Weighted %aOther CSHCN, Received All GCS, Weighted %b
HBM construct
    Perceived severity, rated severityb,c
    Cues to action, medical homeb,d
        >Not present84.572.789.966.9
    Modifying factors
        Child's age8.
        Child's gender
        Child's raceb,c
            White, non-Hispanic66.558.543.856.2
            Black, non-Hispanic11.819.925.122.4
            Multiracial, non-Hispanic3.
            Other, non-Hispanic3.
        Highest level of education (household)b,c
            Less than high school11.414.611.910.3
            High school graduate32.327.939.124.3
            More than high school56.457.549.065.4
        Insurance statusb,c
            Private only30.929.934.848.0
            Public only43.250.147.736.5
            Both public and private17.817.68.811.2
        Household incomea,b,c,d
            0%–99% FPL43.531.632.830.3
            100%–199% FPL25.325.136.924.6
            200%–399% FPL22.725.619.426.2
            ≥400% FPL8.417.710.918.9
Perceived barriers
    Barriers to care
        1 barrier70.279.1
        >1 barrier21.714.9
  • Columns total to 100%.

  • a With ASD, DS, or MR: received all GCS (yes versus no).

  • b Other CSHCN: received all GCS (yes versus no).

  • c P < .05.

  • d P < .001.