Adequate Help with CC, Family-Provider Relations, and Family Child Outcomes Among Families Receiving CC Services

OutcomeaOR (95% CI)
Receiving family-centered carea5.03 (4.55–5.55)
Experiencing partnerships with professionals and satisfaction with servicesa8.85 (7.97–9.81)
Problems getting referralsa0.19 (0.15–0.23)
Missed school days (>6 vs ≤6 d)a0.77 (0.69–0.85)
ED visits (≥2 vs <2 visits)a0.79 (0.70–0.88)
OOP expenses (more than $500 vs $500 or less)a0.57 (0.50–0.61)
Family financial burden (yes vs no)a0.38 (0.34–0.43)
Time coordinating care (>4 vs ≤4 h/wk)a0.66 (0.59–0.74)
Impact on work/cut back on hoursa0.47 (0.42–0.52)
  • Shown are the odds of respondents reporting that CSHCN received adequate help with CC services versus reporting inadequate help with CC services. Models were adjusted for: gender, age, race/ethnicity, insurance status, income level, family structure, education, and CSHCN screener qualifying categories.

  • a P < .001.