Adult Health Outcomes Associated With Childhood Socioeconomic Conditions

All-cause mortality15-19
Cause-specific mortality
 Alcoholic cirrhosis20
 Cancer, smoking-related18,20,21
 Cancer, stomach18,20,21
 Cardiovascular disease15,16,18,21-24
 Respiratory disease18,21
Cardiovascular disease
 Carotid atherosclerosis25
 Coronary heart disease26-28
 Ischemic heart disease29
 Myocardial infarction26,29
Metabolic outcomes
 Insulin resistance31
 Type 2 diabetes39,40
Behavioral outcomes
 Alcohol or drug abuse41-43
Other health outcomes
 Functional limitations19,49
 Inflammatory markers50
 Periodontal disease42,51
 Self-rated health52
  • This list is not exhaustive; it is provided to indicate the scope of adult health outcomes that have been examined with life-course research.