Reasons for Nonassessment in School-Based BMI Assessment (Percentage of Total Population)

ReasonYear 1 (2003–2004)Year 2 (2004–2005)Year 3 (2005–2006)Year 4 (2006–2007)a
Absent from school, %
Not attending that school, %
Parent refused to allow measurement, %
Student refused measurement, %
No 2 measurements within 1 in, %a0.020.0020.0090.005
Other, %
Disability prohibited measurement, %
Student was pregnant, %
Weight exceeded scale limitations, %NANANA0.03
Total students, nb71 82170 08361 026105 110
  • a The established protocol requires that 2 height measurements be taken and that the difference in height between the 2 measurements be <1 in. If the assessor is unable to obtain height measurements within this variance, then the student cannot be assessed for BMI.

  • b Results include all data available for years 1, 2, and 3 for kindergarten through 12th grade and data received by June 6, 2007, for year 4.

  • Data source: Arkansas Center for Health Improvement. Assessment of Childhood and Adolescent Obesity in Arkansas: Year Four (Fall 2006Spring 2007), Little Rock, AR: Arkansas Center for Health Improvement; 2007. Available at: