Description of Percentage in Each Weight Category According to Percent of Participants in Each Risk-Factor Group

Risk Factor (% of Students Tested in Each Group)Normal or Underweight, %Overweight, %Obese, %Morbidly Obese, %
Elevated blood pressure (19.1%)12.918.324.738.9
Elevated TC (11.9%)8.412.617.6a17.8a
Low HDL (18.5%)
Elevated LDL (8.8%)
Elevated TRIG (8.7%)2.98.416.822.7
Positive for AN (5.7%)
Elevated insulin level (4.9%)c0.51.26.322.8
  • Weight categories were defined as: normal or underweight, BMI at <85th percentile; overweight, BMI at ≥85th and <95th percentile; obese, BMI at ≥95th and <99th percentile; and morbidly obese, BMI at >99th percentile.

  • a,b Numbers with the same superscript letter do not significantly differ from one another; all other comparisons according to weight category were significant (P < .05).

  • c Only tested positive for AN.