Cross-Sectional Descriptive Statistics of Standardized Depressive Symptoms Scores at Entrance into Fatherhood (Year 0) by Fatherhood Status

Mean (SE)SDMinimum25%Median75%MaximumP
Nonfathers−0.01 (0.02)0.97−1.46−0.85−0.250.515.62<.001a
Nonresident fathers0.29 (0.05)1.02−1.46−0.850.010.765.62<.001b
Resident fathers−0.08 (0.02)0.95−1.46−0.85−0.250.524.92.005c
  • Quartiles are not clinically based but represent CES-D scores distributed across our population.

  • a Comparing nonfathers with nonresident fathers.

  • b Comparing nonresident fathers with resident fathers.

  • c Comparing resident fathers with nonfathers.