Explanations Given in the Medical Record for Severe Thrombocytopenia.

Factors Identified to Explain the ThrombocytopeniaNo. of Episodes (% of Total) for Which This Explanation Was Given for the Thrombocytopenia
Bacterial infection91 (25)
SGA or PIH78 (22)
NEC52 (14)
DIC48 (13)
Unexplained or undiagnosed36 (10)
Fungal infection27 (8)
Alloimmune10 (3)
Genetic7 (2)
Thrombus6 (2)
CMV5 (1)
  • A total of 326 episodes of severe thrombocytopenia were detected among 273 NICU patients. A total of 360 explanations were given for the 326 episodes. Some episodes had 2 explanations given (eg, bacterial sepsis plus DIC). SGA indicates small for gestational age; PIH, pregnancy-induced hypertension; DIC, disseminated intravascular coagulation; CMV, cytomegalovirus.