ICD-9-CM Codes Used to Identify Food Allergy Visits and Hospitalizations

DescriptionICD-9-CM Code
Allergic rhinitis attributable to food477.1
Allergic gastroenteritis and colitis558.3
General food allergy according to specific type of food
    Milk productsV15.02
    Other foodsV15.05
Contact dermatitis attributable to food in contact with skin692.5
Dermatitis attributable to food taken internally693.1
Toxic effect of fish and shellfish988.0a
Anaphylactic shock attributable to adverse food reaction, specifically for995.6
    Unspecified food995.60
    Fruits and vegetables995.63
    Tree nuts and seeds995.64
    Food additives995.66
    Milk products995.67
    Other specified food995.69
Other adverse food reactions, not elsewhere classified995.7
  • a This diagnosis was used only in conjunction with an additional diagnosis related to allergy.