NAPSACC Best-Practice Recommendations

CharacteristicNAPSACC Best Practice
Active opportunities6,9,2326,39,40:daily opportunities that may result in more physical activityChildren provided with at least 120 min of active playtime each day
Teacher-led physical activity provided to children ≥2 times per day
Outdoor active playtime provided ≥2 times per day
Fixed play environment9,25,26,39,40:equipment that is anchored or fixed within the center's outdoor environmentOutdoor play space includes open, grassy areas and a track/path for wheeled toys
Indoor play space available for all activities, including running
Wide variety of fixed play equipment provided to accommodate the needs of all children
Portable play environment25,26,39,40:presence of several types of play equipment that can be transported and used in various locationsLarge variety of portable play equipment available for children to use at the same time
Outdoor portable play equipment freely available to all children at all times
Sedentary opportunities6,2325,27,28,40: daily opportunities that may result in little or no physical activityTelevision or videos rarely or never shown
Children are not seated for periods of >30 min
Sedentary environmenta: items in the physical environment that may promote or discourage physical activityVisible support for physical activity provided in classrooms and common areas through use of posters, pictures, and displayed books
Prominent display of sedentary equipment should be limited (eg, televisions, videos, and electronic games)
Staff behavior6,23,25,26,39,40: interactions between staff and children that may promote or discourage physical activityStaff should join children in active play
Staff should encourage children to be active
Active playtime should never be withheld as punishment, and additional active playtime should be given as a reward
Physical activity training/education6,9,23,25,26,39,40: training and education for children, staff, and/or parents that may increase participation or knowledge related to physical activityPhysical activity education is provided to children by using a standardized curriculum at least ≥1 time per week
Physical activity education opportunities should be offered to parents ≥2 times per year
Physical activity policies2325,39: child care center has written policies that address facilitation of physical activityPhysical activity training (not including playground safety) should be provided for staff ≥2 times per year
Written policies on physical activity should be available and followed
  • a No national recommendations were found for this area.