Severe CA S aureus Infections in Adolescents: Demographic and Clinical Data

CaseAge, y (12.9)*GenderRaceWeight, kg (63.0)No. of Bones and Joints AffectedPulmonary ManifestationsDays of Bacteremia (4.3 d)ICU Days (29.8)Outcome
110MB34.09Bilateral air-space disease1153Survived
213MB40.06Bilateral air-space disease and pneumatoceles627Survived
314FW90.04Septic emboli742Survived
414MB94.51Septic emboli77Died
512MW70.88Bilateral air-space disease and pneumatoceles650Survived
613FW52.01Septic emboli12Died
812MB55.010Empyema and septic emboli525Survived
915MH66.00Bilateral air-space disease and pneumatoceles0120Survived
1013MW55.03Left lower lobe pneumonia and effusion45Survived
1112MB48.62Bilateral air-space disease and septic emboli122Survived
1215MH55.01Septic emboli22Died
1414MW76.02Septic emboli318Survived
  • * Data in parentheses are means unless otherwise specified.

  • M indicates male; F, female.

  • B indicates black; W, white; H, Hispanic.