Predictors of the Likelihood That a Child in Oregon's Food Stamp Population Had to Change USC because of Insurance Reasons in the Previous 12 Months

Independent CovariableOdds That a Child Has Current USC but Had to Change Because of Insurance Reasons (vs Current USC, No Change), Adjusted OR (95% CI)
Child's age, y
    5–91.78 (1.17–2.70)a
    10–142.76 (1.78–4.28)a
    15–181.92 (1.19–3.10)a
Race/ethnicity (combined variable)
    White, non-Hispanic1.00
    Hispanic, any race0.43 (0.26–0.70)a
    Nonwhite, non-Hispanic0.54 (0.28–1.04)
Parental employment
    Not employed1.00
    Employed1.74 (1.26–2.41)a
Child's insurance type
    Privately insured1.00
    Publicly insured0.79 (0.50–1.25)
    Not insured1.28 (0.72–2.23)
Parent's insurance type
    Privately insured1.00
    Publicly insured1.61 (0.92–2.80)
    Not insured2.12 (1.28–3.51)a
Monthly household income
    $501–$10000.50 (0.33–0.76)a
    $1001–$15000.62 (0.40–0.97)a
    $1501–$20001.11 (0.69–1.82)
    >$20001.01 (0.58–1.75)
Child has special health care need(s)
    Yes1.51 (1.00–2.29)a
  • Multivariable logistic regression models included all covariates listed in the table. This model included only those respondents with a current USC and complete information for all covariates (unweighted n = 1933).

  • a Significant at the .05 level.