Characteristics of Fatal AEA Cases

Partial or complete asphyxiation while often but not always engaged in masturbatory activity
Neck constriction by ligature or rope, asphyxiation by plastic bag and masks often with inhalants (nitrous oxide, trichloroethane, butane, chloroform, and others)
Partial or complete nudity
Binding of head, trunk, extremities, or genitals
Insertion of dildos or other objects per rectum (or vagina)
Pain, real or simulated, associated with occasional evidence of self-mutilation
Pornography or bondage literature
Mirrors positioned so that “victims” may see themselves in the predicament in which they have placed themselves (or were placed in their erotic fantasy)
Transvestic elements, usually fetishist articles of feminine clothing (eg, undergarments, brassieres, dresses)
  • Adapted from ref 19.