Recommendations for Fluoride Varnish Program Planning

  1. The initial message to the PCP should address benefits of fluoride varnish and its cost relative to reimbursement and concerns about time and space.

  2. Reimbursement for fluoride varnish application can be an important motivator. Advocate for this from Medicaid and private insurance in your state.

  3. Ancillary staff must have buy-in and be involved in planning and implementing fluoride varnish. Their important role should be acknowledged in the training and subsequently encouraged.

  4. Training should be hands-on, leave participants positive and enthusiastic, and allow participants to start using fluoride varnish right away. After training is completed, provide ongoing support.

  5. Help practice staff to think through systems needed for fluoride varnish applications and billing. Determine how eligible patients will be identified and approached for fluoride varnish.

  6. Facilitate formal and informal affiliations between MDs and dentists within a community to enhance partnerships, learning opportunities, and dental care referrals.