Everett Roger’s Attributes6 and Their Relevance to Fluoride Varnish Adoption

AttributeDefinitionFluoride Varnish Relevance
Relative advantageThe degree to which an innovation is seen as better than the idea that it replacesPCP involvement provides access to preventive oral health care for children who may otherwise not receive care. Reimbursement provides financial incentive.
CompatibilityHow consistent innovation is with values, habits, experience, and needs of potential adoptersPCPs have well-established roles in preventive activities such as injury prevention counseling and immunizations. Fluoride varnish can be applied right before vaccines using same space and staff. Overtaxed staff did not want to add 1 more thing to their responsibilities
ComplexityHow difficult the innovation is to understand or useAfter training, fluoride varnish was perceived as simple and not requiring excessive space or staff time.
TrialabilityExtent to which the innovation can be experimented with before committing to adoptSuccessful training sessions allowed sufficient opportunity to practice fluoride varnish application. A starter package of supplies maintained momentum after the training.
ObservabilityExtent to which innovation provides tangible or visible resultsWord of mouth about fluoride varnish was good public relations for 1 practice. Involvement with ABCD has improved access to dental care.