Cronbach's α for Each of the 4 Scales of MM-RAP in Children

VariableTotal ReliabilityBelow Age 7≥Age 7MaleFemaleGroup 1*Group 2Group 3Education Middle to LowEducation High
Pain intensity0.750.720.750.750.740.740.740.670.780.71
Nonpain symptoms0.810.860.790.810.810.800.830.720.800.81
Pain disability0.800.750.800.760.820.750.850.650.800.82
Level of satisfaction0.780.930.740.840.780.770.790.720.760.83
  • Because the items have different numbers of response categories, the variance is not similar across items; therefore, we used the standardized α for these values.

  • * Children who were seen at pediatric GI clinic.

  • Children who were seen at primary care clinics.

  • School children.