Guidelines for Children With Suspected Hearing Loss

Age, moNormal Development
0–4Should startle to loud sounds, quiet to mother's voice, momentarily cease activity when sound is presented at a conversational level
5–6Should correctly localize to sound presented in a horizontal plane, begin to imitate sounds in own speech repertoire or at least reciprocally vocalize with an adult
7–12Should correctly localize to sound presented in any plane, should respond to name, even when spoken quietly
13–15Should point toward an unexpected sound or to familiar objects or persons when asked
16–18Should follow simple directions without gesture or other visual cues; can be trained to reach toward an interesting toy at midline when a sound is presented
19–24Should point to body parts when asked; by 21 mo, can be trained to perform play audiometry
  • Source: Matkin ND. Pediatr Rev. 1984;6:151.