Guidelines for Medications for Use in Pediatric Patients in EDs

Resuscitation MedicationsOther Drug Groups
AtropineActivated charcoal
AdenosineTopical, oral, and parenteral analgesics
AmiodaroneAntimicrobial agents (parenteral and oral)
Antiemetic agentsAnticonvulsant medications
Calcium chlorideAntidotes (common antidotes should be accessible to the ED)a
Dextrose (D10W, D50W)Antipyretic drugs
Epinephrine (1:1000; 1:10 000 solutions)Bronchodilators
Magnesium sulfateInotropic agents
Naloxone hydrochlorideNeuromuscular blockers
Sodium bicarbonate (4.2%, 8.4%)Vaccines
Vasopressor agents
  • For a more complete list of medications used in a pediatric ED, see ref.44 D10W indicates dextrose 10% in water; D50W, dextrose 50% in water.

  • a For less frequently used antidotes, a procedure for obtaining them should be in place.