Effects of Parenting Style on Crashes

Parenting StyleOR (95% CI)
Crashes as Driver in Past 12 moaSevere Lifetime Crashes as DriveraCrashes as Passenger in Past 12 moSevere Lifetime Crashes as Passenger
Authoritarian0.76 (0.36–1.59)0.75 (0.14–3.96)0.89 (0.59–1.35)0.76 (0.52–1.12)
Authoritative0.47 (0.26–0.87)b0.37 (0.13–1.05)0.73 (0.57–0.95)b0.73 (0.58–0.94)b
Permissive0.79 (0.36–1.71)0.65 (0.30–1.44)0.92 (0.64–1.30)0.76 (0.56–1.04)
  • ORs were controlled for gender, age, race/ethnicity, academic grades, driving experience, and hours per week driving a car. Desired ORs would be low for these behaviors.

  • a Driving-related behavior analyses were performed with data for 4519 respondents with driving experience.

  • b Statistically significant at P < .05.