Behaviors of Survey Participants and Associations With Parenting Style (N = 5665)

BehaviorsProportion of Total, %Proportion of Parenting Style, %P
Crashes as driver in past 12 moa
Severe crashes in lifetime as drivera
Crashes as passenger in past 12 mo
Severe crashes in lifetime as passenger
Seatbelt use as passenger
    Often or always7072776559.001
    Not often or always3028233541
Seatbelt use while drivinga
    Often or always7984857567.001
    Not often or always2116152533
Cellular telephone use while drivinga
    At least sometimes or occasionally4846445452.01
    Rarely or never5254564648
    At least sometimes or occasionally5148435863.001
    Rarely or never4952574237
Driving while angrya
    At least sometimes or occasionally2530202535.001
    Rarely or never7570807565
Alcohol use while drivinga
    At least sometimes or occasionally9841318.001
    Rarely or never9192968782
No. of days in past 30 days had 1 drink of alcohol
  • Bivariate analyses between parenting style and demographic features, driving behaviors, and attitudes were performed by using robust χ2 tests of association.

  • a Driving-related behavior analyses were performed with data for 4519 respondents with driving experience.