Responses to the Parental Impressions of the Benefits (Pros) and Barriers (Cons) of Follow-up Care Scale Conducted at the End of the ED Visit

Going to a Follow-up Visit…Not, %Slightly, %Moderately, %Very, %Extremely, %P
    1.…allows me to ask the doctor questions.31448730275662.2
    2.…allows me to find out if my child is better.11227821246965.4
    3.…allows me to ask about triggers or things that worsen asthma.33239926266060.9
    4.…makes me feel that I have done my best.31126724236667.9
    5.…allows me to get my child's medication checked.32205618207272.8
    6.…allows my child's siblings and other family to learn about asthma.16105616923244052.003
    7.…allows me to get asthma medication for my child at school.1311526719185762.2
    8.…allows me to get asthma information for my child's school.2013649818204856.04
    9.…allows my child to be sent to a specialist.1897561323194754.06
    10. Children with asthma are healthier if they see their doctor regularly.52417715207070.6
    11.…helps me feel that next time I might be able to prevent the ED visit.76448923225860.6
    12. Children with asthma have fewer ED visits if they see their doctor regularly.1681111181417243843.03
    13. Children with asthma miss less school if they see their doctor regularly.2110119171018273444.001
    14. Children with asthma have fewer symptoms if they see their doctor regularly.22131011201417263136.02
    15.…means I have to find transportation to get there.5856756411111924.5
    16.…forces me to take time off from work.4344999121092926.6
    17.…means I have to get a family member or friend to sit with the other kids.68675646881613.0
    18.…means I have to find a babysitter for the other children.69694734781613.9
    19.…means I have to pay for transportation.534791276982327.2
    20.…is hard because my family doesn't want to spend the time.878642532335.8
    21. I don't need to see the doctor unless my child is sick.71746213104678.8
    22.…is hard because my family doesn't think my child has asthma.969411121111.4
    23.…is hard because my family doesn't want to spend the money.969512111111.6
    24. My family and friends can give me good advice about asthma so I don't need a follow-up visit.949522221021.4