Survey Topics

CategoryQuestion Topics
Demographic dataNumber and ages of children in household; total annual household income; race; region of residence; educational attainment; gender; age; marital status; employment status; type of physician providing routine child health care; parental height and weight status; type of health care coverage; primary spoken language
Basic knowledge and attitudes toward children's health care and the growth-monitoring processSources of health information; satisfaction with health care child receives; understandability of health care provider; viewing growth chart helpful?; other indicators that child is “growing well”
Awareness and basic knowledge of growth charts (when shown example of CDC growth chart)Past exposure to growth charts; level of familiarity with growth charts; level of explanation received about growth charts; understandability of growth charts; use of growth charts at home
Ability to interpret point or series of points on growth chartAbility to identify child's age and weight on growth chart with 1 plotted point; familiarity with term percentile and ability to identify percentile and correct definition; ability to identify child's weight status (overweight, underweight, or neither) by using tandem points on 4 different charts, each containing 2 plotted points (weight and height) (Fig 1), and level of concern about weight status; ability to understand trend on growth chart with series of points plotted at 25th percentile (Fig 2)
Basic awareness and comprehension of BMIKnowledge level for BMI; attitudes toward BMI screening in schools