Selected Prenatal and Postnatal Factors Associated With CLD and MDI or PDI at 24 Months' Postterm Equivalent

Postnatal FactorsCLD, %MDI, %PDI, %N
Marital status
    Not single5089816540
Antenatal corticosteroida
Cesarean delivery
Initiator of preterm delivery
    Preterm labor46911818411
    Preterm, prolonged rupture of membranes471491013201
    Cervical insufficiency441410151548
    Fetal indicationb63172092035
Gestational age, wk
Birth weight z score
    Less than −17117131618174
    −1 to 0521111716342
    0 or higher37910914399
Pao2 week 1
    <42 (lowest quartile)711913181379
Pao2 week 2
    <41 (lowest quartile)732512242051
Early bacteremia, week 1
Late bacteremia, week 2–4
Maximum n4501039986143915
  • CLD included infants with and without MV (CMV or high-frequency ventilation).

  • a A course of antenatal corticosteroids given to enhance fetal lung maturation was considered complete if the mother received 2 doses of betamethasone 24 hours apart or 4 doses of dexamethasone at 12-hour intervals and delivered at least 48 hours after the first dose.

  • b Fetal indication includes nonreassuring fetal assessments, oligohydramnios, Doppler abnormalities of umbilical cord blood flow, and severe intrauterine growth restriction.