EIP Prescribing/Supervision Practices

All Respondents, %Year of GraduationPrimary Practice Site
Before 1980, %1980 or After, %P ValuePrivate Outpatient, %Other, %P Value
Do you participate initially in recommending which professional services/therapies will be performed? (at least 50% of the time)52.245.757.7.08955.343.4.136
Do you review recommendations of the EIP team within 6 wk or less? (at least 50% of the time)
Do you alter or input further the recommendations after review? (at least 50% of the time)12.317.28.1.049*11.813.5.759
Do you receive detailed follow-up progress evaluations (>5 words) on your patient? (at least 50% of the time)*
If in EIP, foster care program, or other child care type of program required a physician's signature on a Rx or POC for “therapeutic case management,” would you sign after services were rendered?
    Sign if received? (yes)45.851.457.6<.001*51.830.9.009*
    Insist on being informed before signing? (yes)65.678.255.6.001*63.371.4.281
    Require periodic reports
        every 3 mo43.640.945.7.53041.748.0.456
        every 6 mo68.879.061.0.011*66.973.9.379
        every 12 mo66.570.064.1.47065.269.6.598