School-Based Prescribing/Supervision Practices

All Respondents, %Year of GraduationPrimary Practice Site
Before 1980, %1980 or After, %P ValuePrivate Outpatient, %Other, %P Value
For school programs, do you
    Give open-ended length of time (no limits under 1 year) for therapy services? (yes)81.175.985.4.09380.084.8.458
    Specify specific goals in Rx? (yes)25.531.820.4.07523.930.4.380
    Prefer to let therapist or educator set all goals or Rx? (yes)76.767.884.3.008*
    Receive periodic reports (>5 words) from therapist (average/y)
If a therapist from school called requesting a prescription, would you confer with a guardian before authorizing? (at least 50% of the time)72.072.671.4.84870.775.4.495
If a guardian called saying a therapist from school wants a prescription, would you request that the therapist contact you first to discuss? (at least 50% of the time)66.881.154.9<.001*60.982.5.003*
If a therapist contacted you saying a request for therapy has been initiated by the family, would you sign based on this alone? (at least 50% of the time)42.338.545.5.30443.040.7.765
If a therapist has autonomy of practice and already has provided treatment and if another agency requires a physician's signature for reimbursement, would you sign?<.001*64.545.5.015*