Evidentiary Table for Out-of-Hospital Traumatic Cardiopulmonary Arrest in Children for Whom Outcome Was Not Reported

AuthorsNo. of Trauma VictimsSurvivorsOutcomeSpecial CircumstancesClass
Lin et al 200758561Outcome not reported20/56 patients revived in ED with ROSC all ≥20 minIII
Li et al 1999561822Unable to determineNational Pediatric Trauma Registry data, <2% of patients who were asystolic on admission were discharged aliveIII
Moler et al 201172 (same as Moler et al 200974)153Unable to determineMedian duration and interquartile range of CPR of 18.5 (3.5–28.5) minIII
Stockinger et al 200481493Unable to determineIII
Total3029 (3%)