Risk Factors for Conflicts Between Parents and the Medical Teams Reported by 80 Neonatologists in Face-to-Face Interviews

Frequency, n (%)a
Parent-related factors
    Strong religious convictionsb50 (63)
    Different cultural background18 (23)
    Lowest educational level14 (18)
    Poor communication skills7 (9)
    Language problems3 (4)
    Negative previous medical experiences3 (4)
    Disagreement between parents2 (3)
Patient-related factors
    Unclear diagnosis or prognosis or both12 (15)
    Absent physical signs of illness7 (9)
Team-related factors
    Poor communication with parents28 (35)
    Conflict within the medical team16 (20)
    Decision-making too fast for parents4 (5)
    Many different attending physicians per infant4 (5)
    Little respect for parental opinion2 (3)
    Strong religious convictions (of team member)2 (3)
Other factors
    Duration of NICU admission3 (4)
  • a Factors reported by ≥2 physicians are reported.

  • b Convictions that forbade withdrawal of life-sustaining treatment.