Training Resource From AAP Connected Kids: Safe, Strong, Secure: Adolescence

Early:• Family Time Together• Reducing youth access to firearms Establishing Routines and Setting Limits14. Talking With Your Teen: Tips for Parents
11 to 14 Years• Peer Relationships• Alcohol and Drug abuse prevention15. Staying Cool When Things Heat Up
• Support System• School Performance16. Expect Respect: Healthy Relationships
• Staying Safe17. Teen Dating Violence: Tips for Parents
• Teen Mental Health
• Conflict Resolution Skills
• Healthy Dating
• Gaining Independence
Middle:• Plans for the Future• Alcohol and Drug abuse prevention18. Teen Suicide and Guns
15 to 17 Years• Firearms and Suicide Prevention, including reducing child access to firearms42,85• Peer Relationships19. Next Stop—Adulthood: Tips for Parents
• Depression prevention85• Healthy Dating
• Resiliency• Gaining Independence
Late:• Transition to Independence• Peer Relationships20. Help Stop Teenage Suicide
18 to 21 Years• Negotiating a New Environment (Post-High School)• Plans for the Future21. Connecting With Your Community
• Depression prevention