Neonatal and Demographic Characteristics

TermPreterm (Total Group)Preterm (No Special Education)
Gender, %
    Mean (SD), wk39.5 (1.4)34.7 (1.2)a34.6 (1.2)a
    Range, wk37–4332–3632–36
Birth weight
    Mean (SD), g3431 (441)2425 (455)a2425 (439)a
    Range, g2385–47501340–41301340–3564
Time in hospital1.3 (2.3)15.7 (10.0)b15.3 (9.7)a
    Mean (SD), d
    Range, d0–112–512–51
Multiples, %322a24a
Ethnic origin: Dutch, %919696
Mothers' education, %
    Primary level444
    Secondary level667878
    Tertiary level3017a18a
Fathers' education, %
    Primary level133
    Secondary level586767
    Tertiary level4129b30b
Father employed, %989898
Mother employed, %817375
  • t test and χ2 analyses comparing the term and total preterm group as well as the term and preterm subgroup with children needing special education excluded.

  • a P < .01.

  • b P < .05.