Comparison of Sensitivity and Specificity of BMI Thresholds Derived in the Current Study, International Overweight and Obesity Cutoff Values, and US CDC 85th and 95th Percentiles for Identifying Risk Factor Clustering Among 5- to 18-Year-Old Children and Adolescents in the Bogalusa Heart Study (1992–1994)

BMI CutoffCurrent StudyOverweight*Obesity*CDC 85thCDC 95th
White male83.763.669.676.845.293.771.975.157.889.3
Black male73.956.463.679.630.793.663.677.745.590.1
White female82.766.870.175.837.893.673.275.944.191.2
Black female74.760.165.374.343.292.363.274.146.388.7
Entire sample79.662.467.676.539.893.468.875.749.089.9
  • Se indicates sensitivity (%); Sp, specificity (%).

  • * International overweight and obesity cutoff values.9

  • US CDC 85th and 95th percentiles.20