Regimens for PCP Prophylaxis in Infants

Trimethoprim- sulfamethoxazoleTrimethoprim 150 mg/m2 per day, with sulfamethoxazole 750 mg/m2 per dayPOTwice daily for 3 days per wk (consecutive days, eg, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday) or alternate days (every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday)
Alternatives: once daily for 3 days per wk or twice daily for 7 days per wk
Dapsone2 mg/kgPOOnce daily
4 mg/kgPOOnce weekly
Pentamidine4 mg/kgIVEvery 2–4 weeks
    Infants 1–3 mo of age30 mg/kgPOOnce daily
    Infants 4–24 mo of age45 mg/kgPOOnce daily
  • IV indicates intravenous; PO, oral.