TLC Neuropsychological Domains and Instruments

Neuropsychological DomainsInstrument (Scale)
Cognition, Learning, and Memory
 Intellectual AttainmentWechsler Intelligence Scale for Children-III23 (Full-Scale IQ)
 Attention/Executive FunctionsNEPSY-A Developmental Neuropsychological Assessment18 (Attention/Executive Functions subscale)
Conners' Continuous Performance Test24 (d Prime)
 Verbal Learning and MemoryCalifornia Verbal Learning Test for Children25 (List A Memory and Learning Slope)
 ReadingWoodcock Language Proficiency Battery–Revised26 (Broad Reading Score)
 Behavioral ConductBehavioral Assessment System for Children–Parent Rating Scale27 (Externalizing Problems)
 Behavioral and Academic ConductBehavioral Assessment System for Children–Teacher Rating Scale27 (Adaptive Skills, Externalizing Problems, School Problems)
 NeurologicalNeurological Examination for Subtle Signs28 (Rapid Sequential Movements Time)
 Motor SpeedConners' Continous Performance Test24 (Hit Reaction Time)