Risk Attributable to Attitudes/Beliefs/Behaviors Indicative of Vaccine Safety Concern

Category (Want Immunizations/ Safe/Declined)% in Category (95% CI)% UnderimmunizedAR (%)Total UnderimmunizedExcess Cases (Total Underimmunized × AR)
Yes/yes/no*83.1 (±2.7)7.1209 016.50
Yes/no/yes1.2 (±0.6)18.060.75509.33344.1
Yes/yes/yes3.7 (±1.5)12.844.715 062.66732.3
Yes/no/no8.6 (±1.9)12.945.036 534.116 438.9
No/no/yes0.5 (±0.3)69.889.810 970.79856.2
No/yes/yes0.1 (±0.1)68.989.7833.9748.1
No/no/no0.8 (±0.5)19.663.75006.43190.8
No/yes/no0.6 (±0.4)18.762.24225.92627.1
Total28 946342 937
  • * Yes/yes/no: would want new baby to receive all recommended immunizations/think immunizations are safe/never asked the doctor not to give the child a vaccine for reasons other than illness (declined). The calculations are based on the seven combinations of the three risk factors that contributed to the final logistic regression model. The excess cases for each combination were added to determine the total number of excess cases. The yes/yes/no category was used as the comparison to calculate attributable risk (AR) for the remaining categories. Underimmunized children (case subjects) were missing ≥2 of the following vaccines: DTaP/DTP vaccine, hepatitis B vaccine and MCV.