Initial and Final Multivariate Analyses of Parental Attitude/Belief/Behavioral Risk Factors

VariablesInitial Multivariate Analysis*Final Multivariate Analysis*
If you had another baby today, would you want him/her to get all recommended immunizations?
 No8.9 (3.3–24.0)3.8 (1.5–9.8)
Have you asked the doctor or nurse not to give your child an immunization for a reason other than illness?
 Yes3.4 (1.6–7.4)2.7 (1.2–6.1)
How safe do you think immunizations are for children?
 Unsafe/somewhat safe2.8 (1.6–4.7)2.0 (1.2–3.4)
Do you believe minor side effects occur with immunizations?
 Always/often2.1 (1.2–3.5)
Were there any immunizations you did not want to get for your child but did so because they were required by law?
 Yes2.2 (1.2–4.2)
  • * Initial multivariate analysis refers to each attitude, belief, and behavioral risk factor analyzed separately in a logistic model, controlling for the significant demographic characteristics. The final multivariate analysis includes all significant risk factors in the model together, controlling for the significant demographic characteristics.

  • Did not remain in the final model.