Percentage of Children Who Do or Do Not Have 1 PDN Who Also Meet Criteria for Having A Medical Home Across All and on Each AAP Definition Domains: For Children With and Without Special Health Care Needs

Children Meeting Criteria for Having a Special Health Care NeedChildren Not Meeting Criteria for Having a Special Health Care Need
Has 1 PDNDoes Not Have 1 PDNOdds RatioHas 1 PDNDoes Not Have 1 PDNOdds Ratio
Overall Medical Home Score
 Across all scoring method72.5%55.0%2.1580.9%67.9%2.00
 On each scoring method44.1%33.3%1.5856.4%45.6%1.55
Scores on each AAP Medical Home Domain
 Accessible care
  Getting care quickly66.6%54.9%1.6470.6%59.0%1.67
 Family-centered, compassionate care*74.3%58.9%2.0280.6%68.1%1.94
  Communication with doctors80.3%65.7%2.1383.4%71.6%1.99
  Getting needed information72.9%53.8%2.3179.7%59.1%2.72
  Shared decision making67.8%54.5%1.7669.8%62.1%1.41
 Comprehensive care76.1%67.5%1.5489.0%84.0%1.54
  Getting needed care79.5%67.7%1.8689.5%83.2%1.71
  Getting specialized services63.1%53.5%1.4975.3%73.5%1.10
  Getting prescription medication74.8%74.3%1.03ns86.2%85.7%1.05ns
 Coordinated care66.5%51.3%1.8962.3%52.1%1.52
  Coordination of care61.7%47.1%1.8157.8%46.0%1.60
  Communication with school or child care90.6%68.9%4.3587.1%73.1%2.49
 Culturally sensitive care92.3%83.3%2.4093.4%84.3%2.64
  No language problems92.9%84.3%2.4593.9%87.0%2.28
  Availability of translation services40.3%54.2%.5761.8%60.9%1.04ns
  • ns indicates not statistically significant.

  • * Subcomponent of “Personal Doctor or Nurse Knows Child” was omitted because this question is asked only for children who have 1 person who is the PDN.