AAP Medical Home Domain Scores Across 14 Managed Care Health Plans Measured Using CAHPS-CCC2.0H Data in 1 State Medicaid Program

Medical Home DomainProportion of All Children Meeting Domain CriteriaProportion of CSHCN Meeting Domain CriteriaProportion of Non-CSHCN Meeting Domain Criteria
Accessible careLowest score: 58.3%Lowest score: 55.4%Lowest score: 56.7%
Highest score: 78.1%Highest score: 75.8%Highest score: 79.4%
Family-centered and compassionate careLowest score: 69.9%Lowest score: 68.1%Lowest score: 70.2%
Highest score: 82.8%Highest score: 78.4%Highest score: 85.5%
Culturally effective careLowest score: 86.4%Lowest score: 83.1%Lowest score: 86%
Highest score: 95.4%Highest score: 95.3%Highest score: 95.5%
Comprehensive careLowest score: 72.6%Lowest score: 62.3%Lowest score: 80%
Highest score: 91%Highest score: 87.1%Highest score: 93.4%
Coordinated careLowest score: 57.6%Lowest score: 55.6%Lowest score: 56.8%
Highest score: 67.3%Highest score: 72.5%Highest score: 70%