Summary of Existing National, State, and Health Plan-Level Survey Data Sets

National Survey on CSHCN (2001)MEPS (2001)Consumer Assessment of Health Plans Child SurveyCAHPS-CCC2.0H
Survey sponsor and data availabilityFederal Maternal and Child Health Bureau. Data publicity available Winter 2003. Survey and methods available at Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality. Data from the 2000 Household Component (HC-039) and PAQ publicly available at through the federal Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality. Used by multiple parties, including many state Medicaid agencies and numerous individual health care plans. National benchmarking database available at Child Survey modified to create the CAHPS-COC2.0H through a grant from the David and Lucile Packard Foundation to support research coordinated by the CAHMI. Participation by CAHPS researchers supported by AHRQ. Included in the National Committee on Quality Assurance's HEDIS as a performance measure for health plans in 2002.
Survey administration methods and samplingTelephone administration only. Minimum of 750 CSHCN and 2700 non-CSHCN represented per state and District of Columbia.Mixed mode. Telephone, mail, and in-person interviews for different components of survey. Links at child level to utilization and cost data. 25 000 people in 10 000 families are represented in the survey sample.Mixed mode. Mail administration with a telephone administration for nonresponses to mailed survey; 300 completed sample size recommended per unit of analysisMixed mode. Mail administration with telephone follow-up for nonresponses; 411 completed sample size recommended per unit of analysis. CSHCN are oversampled to ensure adequate sample size for comparison purposes.
Identifies CSHCNYes: Uses the CSHCN ScreenerYes. Uses the CSHCN Screener in the PAQ.NoYes: Uses the CSHCN Screener.10,11
Can compare CSHCN with children without special needsNo. Medical home variables assessed for CSHCN only.Yes. Survey items asked about all children.NoYes. Survey items asked about all children.
 Usual source of care1 item1 item1 item1 item
 Accessibility of care1 item4 items4 items4 items
 Family-centered care4 items4 items5 items15 items
 Comprehensive care18 items2 items4 items8 items
 Coordination of care3 items1 item0 items2 items
 Continuous care0 items0 items0 items0 items
 Culturally effective care1 item0 items4 items4 items
  • PAQ indicates Parent Administered Questionnaire; CAHMI, Child and Adolescent Health Measurement Initiative; CCC, children with chronic conditions; HEDIS, Health Plan Employer Data and Information Set.