Selected Initiatives in Children’s Healthcare Quality Improvement

Organization/InitiativeApproachClinical Areas AddressedFunding Source
Center for Health Care Strategies, Best Clinical and Administrative PracticesA 5-year, $3.8 million initiative to improve care provided by Medicaid/SCHIP health plans within public budgetary limitsBirth outcomes, preventive services, asthma, children with special health care needs, early childhood development, and maternal and neonatal health careRobert Wood Johnson Foundation, Packard Foundation, and California HealthCare Foundation
Children’s Hospitals Accountability InitiativeA 14-hospital collaborative that conducts joint improvement interventions and shares informationPatient safety, pain management, and bronchiolitisChild Health Corporation of America and AHRQ funding for a Partnerships for Quality project in patient safety91
Health Disparities CollaborativeInstitute for Healthcare Improvement works with HRSA’s Community Health Centers using the Chronic Care Model and Learning Collaboratives/Breakthrough Series approach to improve careAsthma, diabetes, and otherHRSA, AHRQ conducting evaluation
NICHQConducts learning collaboratives by using Chronic Care Model and Breakthrough Series approach; works primarily with front-line practice teamsAsthma, ADHD, preventive services, foster care, and children with special health care needsCommonwealth Fund, HRSA/ Maternal and Child Health Bureau, AHRQ, and Robert Wood Johnson Foundation
Rewarding Results128Pilot projects to help purchasers and health plans align incentives for high-quality health care. The National Health Care Purchasing Institute will help employers, states, health plans, and other purchasers and payors develop financial and nonfinancial incentives to reward physicians and hospitals for higher quality, consistent with recommendations of the IOMPediatric access, services, and HEDIS scores; childhood obesity; pediatric chronic illnesses; and preventive servicesRobert Wood Johnson Foundation and California HealthCare Foundation
Pursuing Perfection, Cincinnati Children’s Medical Center site129Program to help hospital organizations and physician organizations dramatically improve patient outcomes by pursuing perfection in all of their major care processesMultiple chronic conditionsRobert Wood Johnson Foundation and California HealthCare Foundation
Vermont Oxford NetworkA private, nonprofit organization with the mission to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of medical care for newborn infants and their families through a coordinated program of research, quality improvement, and educationNeonatal intensive careMultiple sources