Statements of the AAP

 Radiation Hazards and Epidemiology of Malformations on Diagnostic Use of X-Ray (1961)
 Statement on the Use of Diagnostic X-Ray (1961)
 Hazards of Radioactive Fallout (1962)
 Present Status of Water Pollution Control (1964)
 Smoking and Children: A Pediatric Viewpoint (1969)
 More on Radioactive Fallout (1970)
 Pediatric Aspects of Air Pollution (1970)
 Acute and Chronic Childhood Lead Poisoning (1971)
 Neurotoxicity From Hexachlorophene (1971)
 Earthenware Containers: A Potential Source of Acute Lead Poisoning (1972)
 Lead Content of Paint Applied to Surfaces Accessible to Young Children (1972)
 Pediatric Problems Related to Deteriorated Housing (1972)
 Animal Feedlots (1973)
 Noise Pollution: Neonatal Aspects (1974)
 Effects of Cigarette Smoking on the Fetus and Child (1976)
 Carcinogens in Drinking Water (1976)
 Hyperthermia From Malfunctioning Radiant Heaters (1977)
 Infant Radiant Warmers (1978)
 National Standards for Airborne Lead (1978)
 PCBs in Breast Milk (1978)
 The Environmental Consequences of Tobacco Smoking: Implications for Public Policies
 That Affect the Health of Children (1982)
 Special Susceptibility of Children to Radiation Effects (1983)
 Involuntary Smoking: A Hazard to Children (1986)
 Statement on Childhood Lead Poisoning (1987)
 Smokeless Tobacco—A Carcinogenic Hazard to Children (1985)
 Asbestos Exposure in Schools (1987)
 Radon Exposure: A Hazard to Children (1989)
 Lead Poisoning: From Screening to Primary Prevention (1993)
 Ambient Air Pollution: Respiratory Hazards to Children (1993)
 Use of Chloral Hydrate for Sedation in Children (1993)
 PCBs in Breast Milk (1994)
 The Hazards of Child Labor (1995)
 Environmental Tobacco Smoke: A Hazard to Children (1997)
 Noise: A Hazard to the Fetus and Newborn (1998)
 Risk of Ionizing Radiation Exposure to Children (1998)
 Toxic Effects of Indoor Molds (1998)
 Screening for Elevated Blood Lead Levels (1998)
 Ultraviolet Light: A Hazard to Children (1999)
 Thimerosal in Vaccines—An Interim Report to Clinicians (1999)
 Chemical-Biological Terrorism and Its Impact on Children: A Subject Review (2000)
 Irradiation of Food (2000)
 Technical Report: Mercury in the Environment: Implications for Pediatricians (2001)
 Technical Report: Pediatric Exposure and Potential Toxicity of Phthalate Plasticizers (2003)
 Radiation Disasters and Children (2003)