Crude and Adjusted Relative Risks for Trying Alcohol During the Observation Period

Categorical VariablesDrinking Without Parental KnowledgeBinge Drinking
Crude RRAdjusted RRLower 95% CLUpper 95% CLCrude RRAdjusted RRLower 95% CLUpper 95% CL
Alcohol use seen in movies
    Quartile 21.601.421.161.741.821.440.962.17
    Quartile 32.401.941.652.283.031.951.273.00
    Quartile 42.762.001.692.374.342.231.483.37
Television in bedroom
    Has television in bedroom1.
Age, y
School type
    Gymnasium (SES = mid to high)
    Realschule (SES = mid)
    Gesamtschule (SES = mixed)
    Hauptschule (SES = low)1.010.830.661.051.280.840.621.13
Parent drinking pattern
    Once per year1.561.481.141.911.441.360.902.07
    Once per month1.621.561.172.081.421.521.002.31
    Once per week1.721.511.181.951.881.781.152.75
    Every day1.701.571.
Friend drinking
School performance
Continuous variables
    Television timea2.070.990.751.313.150.760.481.19
    Sensation seeking/rebelliousnessa2.401.711.452.023.602.131.692.68
    Parenting stylea0.660.880.771.010.580.950.741.21
  • RR indicates relative risk; CL, confidence limit.

  • a Overall means: time spent watching television, 0.51 (SD: 0.21 [range: 0–1]); sensation seeking/rebelliousness, 0.58 (SD: 0.34 [range: 0–2.25]); parenting style, 2.22 (SD: 0.42 [range: 0.4–3]).