Diary Behavior Measures With Means (of Minutes per Day or Frustration Level Scores) or Rates (of New Events per Person-Day as Recorded on Diaries) Using Known or Multiply Imputed Data

MeasureIntervention Arm (N = 1374)Control Arm (N = 1364)Difference95% CI
Contact when child distressed, min/d927102.672.691094. to 14.2
Frustration level9171.201.198921.201.050.00−0.08 to 0.09
Pick-up events when child distressed9403.08b3.399173.03b3.211.02c0.95 to 1.09
Walk-away events when child has unsoothable crying9400.052b0.2159170.046b0.2081.13c0.85 to 1.51
  • Intervention mothers were compared with control mothers using either differences in means or rate ratios.

  • a Number of subjects with known data.

  • b Events per person per day.

  • c Rate ratio.