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No Functional DisabilityMild DisabilityModerate DisabilitySevere Disability in the Reference List. Also, What Reference Refers to DoH38?
Motor ability (including cerebral palsy)No disabilityMild cerebral palsy (walking at 2 y of age)Moderate cerebral palsy (not walking at 2 y of age but expected to walk eventually)Severe cerebral palsy (unlikely ever to walk)
Visual abilityNo disabilityBlind (visual acuity <20/200 in better eye)
Hearing abilityNo disabilityProfound hearing loss (requiring amplification or worse)
Developmental delay/cognitive abilityDQ/IQ score ≥ −1 SDDQ/IQ score −2 SD to less than −1 SDDQ/IQ score −3 SD to less than −2 SDDQ/IQ less than −3 SD
  • DQ indicates development quotient.