Parental Smoking Status in Each Person-Year and the Risk of Smoking Initiation Among Their Adolescent Offspring

Person-YearsNumber of Adolescents InitiatingRate of Smoking Initiation per 100 Person-YearsORa95% CI
Parental smoking status
    Active smoking with nicotine dependence1502513.403.061.90–4.91
    Active smoking without nicotine dependence924202.162.301.21–4.39
    Quit smoking, former nicotine dependence972222.261.130.65–1.98
    Quit smoking, never dependent54061.110.770.30–1.96
    Never a weekly smoker2960401.351Reference
  • a ORs estimated from a discrete-time survival analysis of the age at smoking initiation also adjusting for the G2 parents' sex, adolescents' sex, age at interview, and the baseline hazard of initiation in each year of life.