Characteristics of Neonates Diagnosed With Jaundice or Kernicterus in the Hospital According to Coded Procedures: Phototherapy and Exchange Transfusion

Jaundice Diagnosis (n = 2 376 294)Kernicterus Diagnosis (n = 1395)Kernicterus Diagnosis without PT or ET Codes (n = 959)Kernicterus Diagnosis and Either PT or ET Code (n = 436)
PT, %20.627.40.0093.9
ET, %
PT or ET, %20.729.20.00100
PT and ET, %
PT if ET, %50.647.10.0047.1
In-hospital mortality, %
Birth hospitalization, %91.876.180.166.5
Length of hospital stay, d7.69.98.712.9
Age at admission if transfer hospitalization, d4.
  • n represents unweighted hospital admissions. PT indicates phototherapy; ET, exchange transfusion.

  • a Suppressed due to cell size ≤ 10.