Adjusted* ORs for Infant Mortality in General Versus University Hospitals for Infants Delivered at 24 to 27 Weeks’ Gestation

CharacteristicsNo. of Births nInfant MortalityAdjusted OR for Infant Mortality
n(%)OR(95% CI)
Birth weight for gestational age
 Appropriate for gestational age
  University hospitals25856(21.7)1.00
  General hospitals15544(28.4)2.00(0.98–4.05)
 Small for gestational age
  University hospitals11126(23.4)1.00
  General hospitals5319(35.8)2.16(1.04–4.49)
 Large for gestational age
  University hospitals52(40.0)1.00
  General hospitals44(100.0)
Mode of delivery
 Vaginal delivery
  University hospitals16140(24.8)1.00
  General hospitals10536(34.3)2.00(0.94–4.28)
 Cesarean sections, all
  University hospitals22047(21.4)1.00
  General hospitals12237(30.3)1.97(0.96–4.02)
Fetal presentation
  University hospitals12232(26.2)1.00
  General hospitals7324(32.9)1.56(0.59–4.14)
 Vertex or unspecified
  University hospitals25955(21.2)1.00
  General hospitals15449(31.8)2.06(1.13–3.77)
Placental complications
 Previa, abruptio, or antepartum hemorrhage
  University hospitals629(14.5)1.00
  General hospitals3515(42.8)11.49(4.27–30.92)
 No placental complication
  University hospitals31978(24.4)1.00
  General hospitals19258(30.2)1.61(0.92–2.81)
Hypertensive illness
 Preeclampsia or other hypertensive disease
  University hospitals9718(18.6)1.00
  General hospitals5518(32.7)3.23(1.33–7.83)
 Normal blood pressure
 University hospitals28469(24.3)1.00
 General hospitals17255(32.0)1.77(0.93–3.37)
  • Analyses are stratified by the listed neonatal, delivery and pregnancy characteristics. Ellipses indicate that the data were not possible to calculate.

  • * Adjusted for mode of delivery, hospital type, gestational age, birth weight for gestational age, infant gender, presentation, placental complications, and hypertensive diseases.

  • Reference group.