Final Logistic Regression Model Showing Odds of Having a Strict Home Smoking Ban

PredictorStrict Home Smoking Ban, aOR (95% CI)
Thirdhand smoke and SHS beliefs
    Believe that thirdhand smoke harms children2.190 (1.360–3.520)
    Don't know whether thirdhand smoke harms children1.910 (1.100–3.320)
    Believe that SHS harms children0.980 (0.390–2.470)
    Don't know whether SHS harms children0.230 (0.070–0.830)
Smoking status
    Nonsmoker12.830 (8.470–19.460)
    No other smokers in home2.900 (1.840–4.590)
Presence of child living in home
    Child in home2.900 (1.860–4.520)
Community smoking bans
    Reported local ban in bars1.630 (0.995–2.680)
    Reported local ban in restaurants0.580 (0.370–0.910)
    White2.090 (1.370–3.280)
    High school1.920 (0.880–4.200)
    Some college2.320 (1.040–5.160)
    College4.300 (1.900–9.720)
  • Model also included age, gender, and rural/urban residence, all not significant.