Multivariate Logistic Regression Analysis of Antibiotic Duration and NEC or Death

OutcomeDuration of Initial Empirical Antibiotic Treatment (Odds per Day)Prolonged Initial Empirical Antibiotic Treatment
OR (95% CI)POR (95% CI)P
NEC or death (total, N = 3883; with outcome, n = 884)1.04 (1.02–1.06)<.011.30 (1.10–1.54)<.01
NEC (total, N = 3899; with outcome, n = 427)1.07 (1.04–1.10)<.0011.21 (0.98–1.51).08
Death (total, N = 3882; with outcome, n = 631)1.16 (1.08–1.24)<.0011.46 (1.19–1.78)<.001
  • ORs were adjusted for study center, gestational age, small-for-gestational age status, gender, black race, 5-minute Apgar score of <5, rupture of membranes for >24 hours, outborn, prenatal steroid treatment, intrapartum antibiotic treatment, maternal hypertension, maternal hemorrhage, and multiple birth. The total numbers of infants shown represent the numbers of infants with nonmissing outcome and covariate data who were included in each model.